Expert board of presidential candidate Alexey Navalny

Boris Akunin

Boris Akunin

Writer, public character

​Expert board of presidential candidate Alexey Navalny

​Opinion leaders and professionals in economy, law and culture participate in developing and editing the presidential campaign platform. Their experience and knowledge make the platform more balanced and realistic.

  • Vladimir Milov
    Vladimir Milov

    Economist, former deputy minister of energetics

  • Pavel Chikov
    Pavel Chikov

    Lawyer, head of «Agora» rights group

  • Elena Masolova
    Elena Masolova

    Economist, enterpreneur

  • Sergey Aleksashenko
    Sergey Aleksashenko

    Economist, former deputy chief executive of Central bank of Russia, 1995–1998.

  • Boris Akunin
    Boris Akunin

    Writer, public character

  • Maksim Mironov
    Maksim Mironov

    Economist, finance prfessor

  • Elena Lukyanova
    Elena Lukyanova

    Doctor of juridical science, professor